The Sitting Room #2

'a room for relaxation, study and reflection'

Performance, duration 12 hours - HDK, Berlin.

July 11 1997

In 1997 I was invited as guest faculty to the Institute fur Kunst Im Kontext a graduate department of the Hochschule Der Kunst in Berlin. as part of the guest engagement I was given the opportunity to make a performance work as part of the Rundgang (open studio - an annual exhibition that includes displays of work by selected students and faculty)

I developed the second phase of this work accordingly. The stories were supplimented by those that had been collected from the audience in the previous work at the Prema Arts Centre performance in December 1996.

The room allocated to the work was a figure drawing studio, the chairs were replaced with drawing easles. Pencils and blank paper again facilitated the input from the audience in Berlin.

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